Boot Camps

In the 'Foundations' Masterclass we discuss our three key video-making strategies. In 'Boot Camps' we use them!

Grab your smartphone and let's quickly learn how to make great video that changes the world!



What people are saying...

"I think that every scientist, engineer, researcher should want to communciate their work to the outside world. I need something more than just an image on a screen. And this was what captured me with the workshop. It gave me the skills to put the video together, but made me really think more about what really needed to go into the video - how do you change the story so that it draws people in? I found it really, really useful. I'm already thinking, "What's my next story" because the feedback that I've had has been incredible."

Dr NIAMH FOX (University of Cambridge)


"I was tasked with doing face-to-camera videos... and it didn't really go very well. So then I joined the Boot Camp and I learned so much in such a short space of time. It's incredible!

I'm a complete technophobe really - and now I'm building videos with narration and overlays... and I now feel really confident. It's exciting!"

JO BERTHELOT (Threerooms Brand Agency)

"It's absolutly fantastic to learn skills that I can actually use.

I've been on a number of courses in digital and I've never gone away thinking I can actually do these amazing things they've told us about.

But in just a few hours today, I've created video that I'm very proud of and I know I can go away and do it again, which is very exciting!"

YVETTE MARKS (Heritage Doncaster)


"This course on creating video storytelling is great.

It's much, more than I thought it was going to be. I thought we'd be in a classroom sitting around our PCs just following some instructions.

But we're actually making videos. We're editing. We're adding sound.

It's going to be so useful!"

AVERY (Open Boot Camp Masterclass)

"I'm really excited because I'm really, really pleased with what I've managed to produce. I didn't think I would be able to produce such a great short piece of footage and this is only my first attempt. So given that I'm only going to get better, we hope, at this I'm really pleased. It's really great."



"I will use this.

I'm really interested in seeing how video can be used for internal communications and external communications and I think it's absolutely the way to go.

I mean video's the fastest-rising bit of social media, really isn't it?

I don't think any company can do well without it."

JULIANA (CIPR workshop)

"Yes. I am enjoying it at the moment. Yes. "

PARTICIPANT (Guardian Masterclasses)